Friday, November 25, 2011

Press Release!

Young Adult Fiction Book
Monica Krek is a young Naples author/ resident who writes as a hobby and has just published her first book. Below is a little sample she has written to explain the motivation behind the book. The book itself,
 Connection, is about a teenage girl who likes to live inside her own head. Upon meeting a strange boy, she becomes more aware of her surroundings and the connections she makes with other people in her community. The book is considered Young Adult fiction and most appealing to girls ages 10-17. You can find  the book on Amazon (link in the other posts :) )
Monica’s motivation behind the book:
Parents always think their kids can do anything. Mine are no exception. My childhood was filled with music lessons, play auditions, academic events, sports, you name it. Anything and everything I showed even a remote interest in, my parents made sure I had a chance to excel. Thank goodness for that. So, when they noticed that I could form pretty decent sentences which could form amusing anecdotes, which could potentially become lengthy enough to create a full blown novel, they encouraged me to explore all of the facets that the world of writing comes with.  My sister and I would stage writing competitions in which we had to write a story about a random word awarded to us by our mom. We would sit in my room and conjure up plot ideas, poems, and lyrics, anything that involved a flow of words. And so my creative juices began to flow and scene ideas began to emerge from the dimly lit library in my brain. This is where Melinda was born-- as were Josh and Jerry and the entirety of the Connection family. At first I was just scribbling out scenes and forming connections between characters. School became grueling and sports became rigorous and so my alternate reality was put on hold until further notice. But then, about a year later, my parents got a hold of the draft and there was no going back. They were convinced I had gone too far with this project to let it just sit in my closet. After a few phone calls, the deal was done. My very first published book would soon make a debut. Only during this process did I realize how much I missed writing.  My style had matured, as had my voice, and I was ready for ‘round two’. As a story ends, another one begins. Let’s hope it won’t take another few years, gathering dust in my closet, to finish it up.

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  1. Highly Recommended - you must check it out!

    Aspiring young author with her unique blend of thrills, poetic writing style and a mystical love story that is sure to please her fans and first time readers alike.